About Us

2006 and forward...

Symbol Mattress Industries LLC was formed in the year 2006 for manufacturing and marketing Englander brand of premium sleep products under license from Englander, USA. The company belongs to the sponsors of the prestigious MNC of Industries, founded in 1974.

The use of state of the art technologies allows us to shorten order completion time, customise our production and increase the quality of our products. Symbol mattress Factory operates under the craftsmanship of 250+ specialists, in line with the world class standards of the best American machines. Our years of expertise in mattress production, allow us to cater to all kinds of market needs as far as comfort and luxury are concerned Quality in the selection of raw materials, quality in manufacturing and design, quality in the realization and distribution of the final product.

Symbol Mattress is committed to making everyday life better, healthy and have a good night sleep. We offer a wide range of high quality, affordable mattresses to guarantee as many people as possible have access to a great night’s sleep.

We listened to what people like you want in a mattress company and reworked our entire process from concept to design to create the perfect mattress for you, whether you want a performance mattress that uses state of the art technology or you prefer the durability of traditional craftsmanship.

Mattress Design Features

We start with the best materials:

At Symbol mattress, we carefully craft our mattresses for finest comfort.

  1. Heavy gauge springs for extreme durability
  2. Eco Friendly Latex for unique balance of soft comfort with proper support for your spine
  3. Premium memory foam layers contours to your body and relieves pressure
  4. High density foam and luxury fabrics quilted together for ultimate comfort
  5. Then we build every mattress by hand.
  6. Each layer added determines how soft or firm the mattress will feel.
  7. The tape edge is sewn on with the utmost attention to detail to put the finishing touches on the mattress.
  8. Each mattress is individually inspected before it is wrapped, sealed, and prepare for delivery.

We have a variety of incredible sleep products for better sleep contact @ info@symbolmattressind.com

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