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We develop our mattresses over the course of the year, plus put everything we know from our several decades of work into them. The precision of fillings, measurements and comfort layers is of the utmost importance to us.



All our workers are trained in house, to ensure the Highgate standard is their work ethic. Each mattress, base or headboard is made to the exact way it has always been, ensuring a uniform in all our products.



All our fabrics are handpicked by our buying team, who are always on trend with the latest colours and designs, as well as bringing a touch of tradition within the design feels.

Evolution of


We are constantly evolving our beds, to fit in with what society of today love, and need within their sleep experience. Our designs reflect this immensely and throughout the ages of Highgate, each new development has been carried forward, and modernised, so that you can see the beautiful work today.




Complete Sleep Solution Under One Roof

All of our hospitality models use our exclusive, latest pocket spring technology with our exclusive high performance 360 degree foam encased perimeter system. This system gives proper support for the sleepers even if they are of disproportional weight. Each sleeper is supported by their own coils using as many coils as necessary for a comfortable, supportive sleep while not disturbing the partner. The foam encased perimeter system creates a total mattress support system that allows the sleeper to have edge to edge comfort.. The Foam Encased system also gives the user the firmest edge support system so when they sleep all the way to the edge or continuously sit on the edge, the edge holds up for years and will not break down like steel edge guards.

Memory Foam


Pocket Spring


Englander Gel infused memory foam provides more cooling and support. This is the perfect combination for a great night’s sleep.

  • Comfortable memory foam with infused gel for cool sleep
  • Reduces vibration and sound waves
  • Dramatically absorbs shock
  • Anti-microbial

Promotes Health & Wellness

  • Lowers body temperature
  • Allows for better blood flow
  • Reduces pressure & pain to shoulders and hips
  • Maintains proper support for spinal alignment
  • Conforms to your size, shape and weight
  • Increases circulation
  • Gives you a deeper night’s sleep

Sleep Natural

Nature’s Finest® 100% Natural Latex® sleep system

  • 100% Pure, Natural Botanical Latex
  • Exceptionally Resilient
  • Conforms to your body’s shape for luxurious comfort and orthopedic support.
  • pressure points for more restful sleep.
  • No motion transfer.
  • Cooler in summer, warmer in winter.
  • Hypo-allergenic odor-free.


  • Doral Resort Telluride, CO
  • Doral Hotel & Country Club Miami, FL
  • Embarc adero Resort Hotel & Marina & Newport, OR
  • Guest Quarters Houston, TX
    Washington, DC
  • Hallmark Palm Springs, CA
  • The Heathman Lodge Portland, OR
  • High Hampton Inn Country Club Cashiers, NC
  • Mondrian West Los Angeles, CA
  • Moscow Plaza Moscow, Russia
  • New Otani Los Angeles, CA
  • Radisson Mark Plaza Washington, DC
  • Red Roof Inn Los Angeles, CA
  • Redlion Hotels Portland, OR
  • Renaissance Arts New Orleans, LA
  • Riverside Hotel Laughlin, NV
  • Sheraton Century Center Atlantic, GA
  • Travelodge Seattle, WA
  • Trendwest Resorts Palm Springs, CA
  • Tropicana Las Vegas, NV
  • Vagabond Southern California
  • Warwick Hotel Portland, OR
  • Westin RHODE ISLAND Convention Center Providence, RI
  • Windsor Hotel Americus, GA
  • WorldMark Resorts Redmond, WA
    Bellevue, WA
  • Wyndham Hotel Atlanta, GA
    Schuamburg, IL
  • Wyndham Vacation Timeshare
    Orlando, Fl
  • WorldMark Resorts Redmond, WA Bellevue, WA
  • Wyndham Hotel Atlanta, GA Schuamburg, IL
  • Wyndham Vacation Timeshare Orlando, Fl
  • Hilton Hotel Grand Junction, CO
    Daytona Beach, FL St. Petersburg, FL
    Newark, NJ
  • Hotel Nikko Chicago, IL
  • Holiday Inn Everett, WA
  • Hotel Sofitel West Los Angeles, CA
  • Hyatt Resort Tahiti
  • San Juan, Puerto Rico Cincinnati, OH
    New Orleans, LA
  • Inn of Anazazi Santa Fe, NM
  • Luxe West Los Angeles, CA
  • Maison DeVille Hotel New Orleans, LA
  • Marriott Waterside Resort Norfolk, VA
  • Mayfair – New York, NY
  • Mid-East Plaza Jeddah, Saudia Arabia


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